segunda-feira, 7 de junho de 2010

Talking about relationships...
1. Are you a romantic person? Why or why not?
2. Do you believe that there is one right person just for you somewhere in the world?
3. In your opinion, why are some people luckier in love than others?

“Love can keep you healthy

Love someone and express that love, and you’ll have a stronger immune system.
Research shows that acting affectionately – love in general—can improve the effectiveness of your immune system.
Your body produces a compound called phenytethylamines when you’re falling in love. This compound is similar to an amphetamine – a stimulant to your nervous system. This substance feeds your immune system, helping it work more efficiently and effectively.
Of course, the opposite is also true. In the bodies of couples who do not act affectionate and loving with one another, there are decreased levels of antibodies and T-cells that keep invading viruses away.
Conclusion: Find someone to love and care for. If you can’t find a person to love, try a pet. What is important is the act of loving, not what the object of your love is. And if you can’t find a human or a pet, try a plant. Research indicates that even the act of taking care of a garden is good for you.”
Do you agree? Why? Talk to your friends about that…??!?