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Job Corner

http://blog.empreendedor5estrelas.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/27388.jpg WHAT CAN YOU DO KNOW If you have to star working today, all you can offer is what you already know. The basic skills you learned in Basic Education are valued in the labor market. If you are a good reader, for example, you can do more tasks than a person that has poor reading skills. The same can be said about math and language skills. Your personal hygiene and manners, too, will make a difference. If you want higher salaries and more recognition at work, you have to learn more. There are many schools that teach technical and general work skills. There are different kinds of courses in universities, with different formats and lengths. There are distance learning programs by mail, on Tv, or on the Internet. What are your current skills that can be used for work? How are you going to prepare to have more skills? VOCABULARY KEY: already= já current= atual mail= correio poor= fraco reader= leitor skill= habilidade task= tarefa to learn= aprender to value= valorizar A. Answer the questions according to the text. 1. What are the kind of things that you can offer in the labor market today? 2. What do you have to do if want a higher salary? 3. The last paragraph contains questions. Discuss them with your classmates (discussion in Portuguese). Fonte: (Challenge, vol. único, pág. )

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We're talking about...

Who says you can't go on?

You can't go on! Have you ever heard this? Who's ever said that for you? Why? Did you say anything to him/her? Let us know...

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Beautifying yourself to him/her.



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"Where there is a will there is a way."

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“The buyer has need of a hundred eyes, the seller of but one.”

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What does it mean???!!!

"Half a loaf is better than no bread."

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Tarsila do Amaral Anita Garibaldi Cecília Meireles
Chiquinha Gonzaga Joana d''Arc Maria Quitéria Maria Montessori
Agatha Christie Anne Frank rainha de Sabá
Rachel de Queiroz Frida Kahlo Madre Teresa
Irmã Dulce Evita Perón

They were very special for different things. Saving people, writing the ones lives, fighting against the evil, trying to change the world. It doesn't matter at all.

We can find other special women every day, closer to us. Look around and find yours. Then write down here about her (name, age, occupation, special skills and others).

Carnival, " The Greatest Show on Earth"

Carnaval is one of the best-known celebrations today. Carnival is a festival traditionally held in Roman Catholic
Salvador has large Carnival celebrations, including the Axé, typical Bahia music. A truck with giant speakers and a platform where musicians play songs of local genres such as Axé music, Samba-reggae and Arrocha, is driven with the following crowd both dancing and singing. It was originally staged by two Salvador musicians, Dodo & Osmar, in the 1950s. Several cities in the state of Bahia still celebrate Carnaval this way, with as most popular the carnival of Porto Seguro, Ilheus and Itacare.
Did you know?!? The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is the biggest carnival in the world, and the biggest popular party on the planet, according The Guinness Book of World Records 2010. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is also considered the world's most famous.

Now, tell us about you during a special carnival party... where did you go? who did you you with? did you meet new interesting people? how was the music? what did you take to your own life after that?