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The story of Halloween started in ancient times when the Celts lived in Britain and Ireland.
Nowadays, on October 31, British and American children wear masks and dress as ghosts, witches and other characters. During the day, they go to school; in the evening they go to their neighbor's houses. When their neighbors open the door, children shout "Trick or Treat". They usually get candies, cookies and and fruit as treat.
In large cities, adults also wear masks and costumes at Halloween parties at night.
Orange and black are the traditional colors of Halloween.
The most typical symbol is the jack-o'-lantern -a hallowed pumpkin with a carved face and a candle inside.

Have you ever gone to a halloween party? how was it?

In your opinion, what is the most interesting thing about Halloween?

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  1. The answer for this question:
    The maker doesn´t want it; the buyer doesn´t use it; and the user doesn´t see it. What is it?

    is: a coffin

    By: Laiane dos Santos 2º B

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  4. About the question of Halloween..

    1º Yes, I have. The party was very cool, agitated, it was in the IME.

    2º in my opinion are the gloomy fantasy.

    By: Laiane dos Santos 2º B

  5. Matheus lins 2°B-In my opinion, the most interesting thing about the Halloween costumes are by the way are very creative and people can choose what to use.Bye,Bye teacher Marizete.

  6. The maker doesn´t want it; the buyer doesn´t use it; and the user doesn´t see it. What is it?
    R= Coffin,UM CAIXÃO

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  8. the answer in the challenge...

    the maker doesn't want it; the buyer doesn't use it; and the user doesn't see it. What is it?

    IT'S A COFFIN !!!

    The maker doesn't need it because her or she is not dead;

    The buyer doesn't need it because her or she is not dead as well;

    And, of course, the user doesn't no if her or she is using it because they are dead.

    By: Iury do Carmo

  9. Laiane...
    You are very fast!!!
    Congratulations my friend...
    Evelim Hanna

  10. About HALLOWEEN:
    1 - never went to a party, but I always wanted ..
    2-for me but what draws attention are the costumes, where people show their creativity and joy ..

    Icaro Monteiro 2°A

  11. thank you Evelim


    Laiane dos Santos


  13. para o sábio, uma palavra é suficiente

  14. kkkkkkkkkk,Laiane e Lázaro,cheguei 1°

  15. para um bom entendedor meia palavra basta

  16. Ei matheus eu cheguei primeiro, por que era pra responder na outra vai lá ver. o meu tá 08:38... Mais cedo que o seu hahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  17. 1ªquestion: I never went at a party of the halloween, but I would like very much.
    2ª question: The clothes, colors, tradition and festivals.

    Laresca Cunha 3º C

  18. The interesting thing is: People of all ages gather together and engage in this fun party e Accessories give a more impressive touch to your look.

  19. In my opinion, since it is human nature not to accept their limitations and always tries to find a way to explain their inability to perform certain acts at school then this is no different, when students do not find ways to make some Terefe place the blame the teachers or in the books.But this does not occur with all students, there are some exceptions

    Victor::. 2 B

  20. yes, at my old school's fifth-eighth grade my English teacher organized annually at the school Halloween party, which only came dressed with some topic that engages the party was great fun

    dominique oliveira : 3 D

  21. good, which I find very interesting is to know more about every element that involves this theme as surpertição black cat, about a ghost who becomes known as Jack O'Lantern and festivals that are really cool.
    dominique oliveira 3 D

  22. 1-I never went to a Halloween party, but it would be great to have a chance to go one day.

    2- I find very interesting are the fantasies that are quite creative, which makes any party fun and different.
    Divani Oliveira 2°A

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    Divani 2°A

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