quinta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2011

Job Corner

http://blog.empreendedor5estrelas.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/27388.jpg WHAT CAN YOU DO KNOW If you have to star working today, all you can offer is what you already know. The basic skills you learned in Basic Education are valued in the labor market. If you are a good reader, for example, you can do more tasks than a person that has poor reading skills. The same can be said about math and language skills. Your personal hygiene and manners, too, will make a difference. If you want higher salaries and more recognition at work, you have to learn more. There are many schools that teach technical and general work skills. There are different kinds of courses in universities, with different formats and lengths. There are distance learning programs by mail, on Tv, or on the Internet. What are your current skills that can be used for work? How are you going to prepare to have more skills? VOCABULARY KEY: already= já current= atual mail= correio poor= fraco reader= leitor skill= habilidade task= tarefa to learn= aprender to value= valorizar A. Answer the questions according to the text. 1. What are the kind of things that you can offer in the labor market today? 2. What do you have to do if want a higher salary? 3. The last paragraph contains questions. Discuss them with your classmates (discussion in Portuguese). Fonte: (Challenge, vol. único, pág. )