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Carnival, " The Greatest Show on Earth"

Carnaval is one of the best-known celebrations today. Carnival is a festival traditionally held in Roman Catholic
Salvador has large Carnival celebrations, including the Axé, typical Bahia music. A truck with giant speakers and a platform where musicians play songs of local genres such as Axé music, Samba-reggae and Arrocha, is driven with the following crowd both dancing and singing. It was originally staged by two Salvador musicians, Dodo & Osmar, in the 1950s. Several cities in the state of Bahia still celebrate Carnaval this way, with as most popular the carnival of Porto Seguro, Ilheus and Itacare.
Did you know?!? The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is the biggest carnival in the world, and the biggest popular party on the planet, according The Guinness Book of World Records 2010. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is also considered the world's most famous.

Now, tell us about you during a special carnival party... where did you go? who did you you with? did you meet new interesting people? how was the music? what did you take to your own life after that?

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  1. Talking about carnival

    My holiday carnival were great, I really liked, I went to church meeting with my friends. I was very happy because I learned more from others. I got some beach waves got some girls. my journey to Camamu was angry meeting new people and very smart. after this long journey came home and had to make several school assignments, I was very tired can not do everything so I messed around with some teachers.

    this was my vacation carnival.
    Claudio Batista 2º A

  2. The carnival is an infectious celebration in which people from different parts of the world unite to honor the joining of various rhythms such as: samba and axé. This event takes place mainly in Brazil, more precisely in Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It is appropriate for the party people to do their therapy of relaxation and release their energy.
    I've been to a carnival and loved it, is an exciting vibe, people jump, have fun, they're happy, that I enjoyed. When the music starts playing, one can not stand still, the feeling is unexplainable. It was very interesting to have participated and intend to go many times.

    Verena Caldeira 3º D

  3. My Carnival

    Well, I had a good carnival, my father traveled to El Salvador and I had to keep taking care of his shop.
    Every day I was going to the 07:00 hours playing ball with my friends and go back to 09:00 hours to go to the store. Until Wednesday ashes everything went wrong, my friend kicked the ball over the fence and the owner did not want to deliver and of course the ball was mine, and I had not even finished paying yet. Other than that my father calls me the night saying he suffered a motorcycle accident returning from a journey, my day was over done, plus it was fine. Here in my neighborhood on Saturday until Tuesday had a few blocks to brighten the community was very happy and enjoyed every day.

    Thiago Melgaço França 2ª A

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  5. My Carnival

    In 2011, I spent my carnival with people who like who like to be amused.
    In my recess carnival was crowded agenda could no longer add anything as I went to the avenue, I was playing ball with some friends, went to the beach and took advantage and went to get some waves and when it was already 4:30 and some had to be if ready to go to the avenue to be having fun with colleagues and especially with my family.
    As I am a very badaleira'm already wishing the carnavalde 2012 is better than 2011 in terms of organization of the avenue because the carnival rolls brawl and people who have nothing to do with these emprevistos just left in the middle of this potential confusion else but I do not have anything to complain about the carnival my recession carnival was PERFECT.

    Vítor Barreto Santos 2ª A

  6. My carnival was normal, I not leaves home because I can not still, all I wanted today be was able to narrate a carnival as perfect as those mentioned above.
    But why whining?
    I toyed a lot with my raw Stella and I felt miss of my sister and of Jemima, my raw too
    I talked on the phone a lot, I cried too.
    All things balanced on a broomstick near falling a cliff ...
    It was fun sleep late and was not a carnival so bad as could be.
    Each has to comply with its reality.
    I have a little afraid of losing my life, my youth.
    Too bad my parents did not think so.
    Maybe someday.

    Natália Santos 2º A

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  8. Well, I spent the carnival here in Ilheus.
    It was good, although not known you new people,
    I stayed with friends of my boyfriend, it was pretty cool.
    Our ... just played a song called "Justice League".
    I have fun.
    That was my carnival.

    Andresa Pereira 3 ° D

  9. My carnival was so good, I spent here in Ilhéus. I went one day with my crew for Hernani Sá, my grandmother went into a block of the neighborhood and I followed her with my friends until finish the parade. Then we went to the central square of the neighborhood, we sat and talked a lot, we meet more friends, I drank so much that I got drunk and they took me home, it was so fun. On other days I went with my best friend and his family to "Serra Grande". In these days of carnival I learned a few things, that friendship is essential to all, our friends are forever when they're true and I discovered that when I need I can count with them and they with me.

    Ricardo Lessa - 3º D

  10. My Carnival
    I spent the 2011 carnival with wonderful people in a city that had not passed some sort of celebration such as sugar cane in wonderful stay in the house where my friend Phillippe where I was welcomed by the whole family. I enjoyed many good bands I met new people and new places as well.
    I kissed a girl but only very special .. and I hope that in the year 2012 is as good as 2011!

    Jonhnata Nascimento 3B

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  12. I spent my carnival at my aunt's house, with my relatives, cousins, my dad and uncles, we had a barbacue. I decided to spent this fully celabrated date all over the world with my family because I don't like this kind of party, not to mention that at home I feel safer than in this kind of party, where many people die.

    Eliadson Luz 3º D

  13. My carnival was not very pleasant, I spent two days at home, watching Folia SBT and I wake up late which is very good ... On the third day my boyfriend came into my house, we stayed the whole afternoon watching movies and eating popcorn. When it was over my holiday was saddened by having to go back to my routine of school again.

    Isabella Mendes 3 ° D