domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

Let´s have a party!!

Think of a good party you've been to or one that was a disaster. Tell us things related to: the gift you took to the host, people you went with, decorations, people you met there, kind of food and drink you had, the music, place...

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  1. The best party of my life
    It all started when I was fourteen years old and decided to go with my parents for the wedding of my uncle.
    The party was in a reserved space and it was all decorated with white and red flowers. The best part was when the festival began at the nightclub. I danced until the sunshine.
    There were not many interesting people since most were older than me. Besides that, I knew all the people who were there because they were of the same family. I had so much fun. It had a table full of sweet and salty and you could serve the will.
    The party ended at around five o’clock in the morning and I stayed till the end. It was far my best party because I could see my entire family got in celebration and unity.

    Adrielli, Grazielle, Johnatas, Leonardo, Raquel 2º A

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  3. -This is Halloween-

    Now I'll tell you how it was the best Hallowen party of my life.
    October 31st went to a Halloween party in Porto Alegre with my best friends, we were all dressed, I was dressed as a corpse bride. The decor was very beautiful with the colors of Halloween: black, orange and purple, and had multiple skulls, witches, black cats and JACK O'LANTERNs, and had many costumed people (I do not know anyone there).
    Me and my friends do not dance and decided to go eat many sweets and cakes, cake had all the flavors: strawberry, chocolate, lemon, even had pumpkin pie, ( I was eat a piece of them all), the drinks were delicious and colorful.
    Suddenly, began playing the song "This Is Halloween" of the singer Marilyn Manson, we danced and had fun. I met several new people and really cool (even today we are friends).
    The party lasted until three o'clock in the morning, and we got to the end.
    We all fall, laugh, play, dance and tell jokes stupidly. No doubt this was the best Halloween party in the world.

    Names : Anderson Hala
    Brenda Andrade
    Hiego Aguiar
    Lôrranny Reis
    Priscila Brito
    Raquel Santiago

    Class: 2º B.

  4. The party

    It was a celebration of 15 years from my friend. I went with my friends. It took me a gift Lindo. The party was in the condominium where she lived. The decor was beautiful, a bow made of pink and purple balls and a table with many other with sweets and savouries.

    It had many people. I danced very eletônica music, boy meets an interesting q only I was not until the end. The other day I heard that the party was ending at 5 am.

    Alunos : Jaqueline,Islane,Igor,Lucas e Caique 2°A

  5. Well I'll start with a

    a colleague of mine last year went to 20 years, and most intimate friends called me to go to him at the birthday party. we arrived at 7:30 for the party and he was not there, had left to seek his girlfriend.
    In the house was the father, his mother, a colleague and two other colleagues besides me, something very quietly, so even to friends, I was more to a barbecue the night

    we started to eat the meat loaf, take a can of beer and the time went

    the moment the clock struck 00:32 (half past midnight) my colleague comes WITHOUT girlfriend
    mine (emo) made a sweet c ** *******, did not want to go to his parents because besides them, we would be there and she is extremely anti-social with friends that my colleague

    Finally, he even lost his own birthday party because of his girlfriend .... kkkkk so sad

    Students: Emerson Leite;Hiêgo Aguiar;Gabriel Nunes;Júlio Cesar e Vicente Ferraz.

  6. The party

    Shortly after a victory almost impossible. I say impossible because we won th contest and we were in school with no confidence and organization. It was a very special day of commemoration and closer with a golden key, I went with my friends, Daniel and Adílson,to the pre - forró 2010, that was happening in Tabby, a concert venue. Oh, almost forgeting to tell a very important information: that was Valentine's Day.
    The place was packed with couples and the most important main, It's full of beautiful women. The ornamentation was helping to complete the romantic mood, with hearts and big straw hats. While walking a bit I realized that I knew very few people, but it's so good to give us the opportunity to find new flirt, make new contacts and even new friends.
    The music put the crowed to dance by raising further the novel, speaking of music she was perfect in hits. In the midst of confusion I found a beautiful girl and then I think she's interested too. But it does not matter because it turned the night even more special. There I began a short and beautiful love story, but it's not the point. To continue wandering through party I found some typical foods and beverages. I ate enough but when I looked at my watch I saw it was too late I could not proceed further because I had a very important exam of English the next day.
    So I said goodby to all and got up a enw meeting with my kitty and drove of.

    To: Marizete "Obama".
    By: Daniel Muniz, José Oduque, Adílson Reis and Milena.

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  8. the party... =(

    the party of a friend of mine, E******.
    it was an aniversary of fifteen years old. I was alone and i took a gift for the host.
    The aniversary was in the neighborhood of " cidade nova". There wasn't food and the drink was too hot. I did like of the music and i danced a lot.I didn't meet anybody nice there.
    the party ended at 11 p.m., i stayed until the end.

    Talma Velloso 2°A

  9. Colégio da Polícia Militar Rômulo Galvão
    Alunas: Graziela Virginia, Raiane Cardoso,Ana Carolina e Brennda Rodrigues

    The party was from my friend that would do 15 years. She called her closer friends. We come 8 p.m.
    The party was wonderful: I tasted various snacks, candy, very delicious and tasty.
    I was accompanied by with several friends. A was very nice, decor was stunning and her dress is mostly very bright and elegant, I dance a lot of eletronic music. The disco was a succes.
    It finished at noon back hours for a taxi, since there was no bus, we waited until the end. I sayed good bye to everyone and went home happily.

  10. the party that I remember was my dad's birthday.
    It began at seven o'clock.
    I did not take gift because i I did not work.
    The party was in my home.the decor was made of balls and posters.
    Many people were because my dad have many friends.
    I knew most of the people
    because they are friends of the church.
    I did not dance.There was
    music to dance.The music was praises song.
    The food and the drink was the traditionals of birthday:cake,candies,salties and soda.
    There was anyone interessing to me.The party finished ended at nine o'clock at night.

    After i went practice my sport favorite:SLEEP.

    By : Léia Raquel 2ºA

  11. The best party I went to was my brother's wedding.
    Our decor was perfect, the background music, the sweet and salty (I am still makes your mouth water to remember the 'spiral Casadinho' I ate there), and I was still florist (petaleira).
    On the other hand I was biting anger, do not beat myself with my sister and I knew that time characterized the loss of my brother to her.
    Today I have to swallow it anyway.

    A melhor festa que eu fui foi o casamento de meu irmão.
    Nossa a decoração estava perfeita, as músicas de fundo, os doces e salgados(até hoje me dá água na boca em lembrar dos 'casadinhos espiralados' que eu comi lá), e eu ainda estava de florista(petaleira).
    Por outro lado estava me roendo de raiva, não me bato com minha cunhada e sabia aquele momento caracterizava a perda do meu irmão para ela.
    Hoje tenho que engoli-la de qualquer jeito.

  12. This was the birthday girl was given a silver chain, but it was stolen in gift box ...
    Without at least she didnt see this.
    At once she fell into despair and began to scream, not a crazy, and drew attention of all who were there and the guests were frightened and began to walk away.
    I don't know what was happend into me, but I started to laugh a lot.
    But in the end the friend who gave this saw the necklace on the neck of his cousin, and she began to make the most punked.

    We want your help please!

    By: Jamie, Tássio, Raiana 3°C

  13. My friend’s party

    Today party is Day, he Day of birthday of my friend’s of childhood-15 years. I took a perfume as present for her, I don’t know if she liked, it but talking a present is essential for me. I was accompanied with friends and my boyfriend.
    The party was in a club in Iguape called “Sesi”. The decoration was blinding, it was everything perfect. There were a lot of people and most were also my friends.
    I danced a lot as never. I drank and I ate everything that was entitled. There was for each preference and many of them I knew.
    Sincerely I don’t Know when the party finished, because I was not until end, I only know that I arrived at house at 3 a.m in the morning. That party was recorded in my memory.

    Paloma Conceição Santos – 2° A - Matutino

  14. The best party I went to was my cousin's graduation, which was a graduation party. It took me a gift for her miniature graduate. I went to party with my family and my boyfriend. The party was in the ballroom on March 19, made a very beautiful decoration matching the occasion. Many people attended the party, and I knew most of them. I danced a lot, I danced so much that I forgot to eat and ended up only drinking. But there were several types of savory and sweet at the party. The type of music was quite varied because it was party dj. I met many nice people it's my family and friends too. The party ended it by 3 pm or 4:00 am, and I stayed until the end.

    Thaís Santana 3° D

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  17. Party

    The graduation of my brother, is very
    time, my brother received a straw and I wanted
    knew what it was, but my brother said it was only
    Still could not believe so and I opened it and found that
    was only the certificate and had several people looking at me and I was embarrassed.

    Sérgio Leonardo 3 º B

  18. Tradução:


    A formatura do meu irmão, faz muito
    tempo, meu irmão recebeu um ''canudo'' e eu queria
    sabia o que era, mas meu irmão disse que só era o
    Ainda não conseguia acreditar que sim e abri-lo e descobriu que
    era só o certificado e tinha várias pessoas olhando para mim e fiquei com vergonha.

  19. The best party I went it was the graduation of my cousin. I went with my parents, my brother and my uncles. The celebration took place in the Atlantic Gardens hotel, the decor was very beautiful, had several plants and tropical fruits with live music. Gave several people. At first I was shy, so after I met many people. He also had a buffet with a variety of pastries and cold drinks and lots of thin, whisk the beer. Shortly after the live music, had a nightclub with DJ and I met a very nice boy, his name is Diego and talked a lot during the party. Just know that the prom ended at 3 am, and not until the end because had a fight at the end with some friends from my cousin who drank too much during the party.

    Thais Lordêlo, 3º D.

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  21. A party that will live in memory forever was the birthday of my cousin in Iguape, my aunt called me and another cousin of mine who I am very fernanda friend to help prepare the sweet salty mainly take the cake that was large and had no way she quit because she would have to go downtown to buy some things that were missing, we searched the cake, the cake arrived there was more or less about 60 cm from strawberry to take in hand, when he arrived at some point the cake turned aside desmachandoo fall Melou my shirt at that moment I spoke - AND NOW?! . It needed only four hours for the birthday arrived at her house she was still in the Midwest, I did not know where to start to make fun from the side that was messy and the other had some strawberries enfiandoo I went to the sides, When she got neither noticed because I had not seen the cake, I only asked for strawberries said he was unaware at the party all went all, and better and I tasted the cake before nanda of all, few adults were many children, the decoration was the strawberry, not nobody was in my best interest not to be my family rsrsrsr bebiba was the soda and fruit coquitel

    dominique 3D

  22. The party was my birthday of 11 years, was a disaster for the party theme was the heart of my team Vasco, I was dressed in the uniform of my team and even the napkin was Vasco and all kinds of sweets you can think of Vasco and was right on the day of the feast was the final of the Carioca championship, a classic Vasco and Flamengo, Vasco lost 3-0, and everyone who arrived at the party made fun of me until even the Colonel of our college took me This shirt of a flamengo. And to me the party was a disaster.
    Fábio Vinícius 3 º D

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  24. I was at a party at my friend's house
    The party was good, presentiei a condom
    because the party was only in underwear,
    rolled orgy with lots of beer and music
    electronics in the last volume and the food were

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  26. At the birthday party of my aunt, had many guests, food and drink at will, began around 18 hours of the afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves very much, until power failure, ultimately there to commemorate the anniversary, a true disaster.

    Elisson Bruno 3ºD

  27. MY party was unforgettable in Porto Seguro at TOA-TOA.It was holiday;I went winth my parents,my brother,my uncle and aunt.The place was de carated winth can posters of singers a axé it had many people from different cities and cauntries,so i do not know all the people.I danced axé with my family,i at enough,hot dogs and chicken mixed and drank too much, various colored drinks,pocked light for the music that was the axé,the music at i liked most was from PSIRICO album `TODA BOA´.I knew a very nice guy there,he was very handsome,blond...talked a lot,he found me with a lot of sandals that were in me parents as i was waking with the sandals left to hurt me.But even so i danced a lot buy when the conversation was getting good,i sow my father coming from there and bringing me (despair rushes)i left the boy talking to himself poor guy!The party broke up it was morning 6:30 a.m,the i stayed until the end and went to the beach.
    Gabriela Souza
    Prof tinha postadono lugar errado..ksks

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  29. My first party!
    My first party was pretty crazy because I did not know how I behave myself at a party, because I had never gone that way if you want some, only at parties and family
    these parties and such, because the party was only for adults, I did not understand why it is I, then when arriving at the party, my aunt met people who were her friends and I was only looking because I did not know what and also how to do that, everything was very new to me, there I said it so well: Tia tou going for a walk through here, then she said, okay no more aloof, I say: All right. So I went for my ride when I come across a large table with plenty of sweets, much the same, as I got back a very polite and asked her, Tia sweets I can eat those there? She answered: Yes you can. Okay so I was remember like today, I came very close to the table got a chocolate and ate as usual, got another and so I was not eating and left there until she called me to go home, and I had a huge stomach ache, which until the other day I went to the hospital was more than okay, even now, people here at home make me review so with this until I got a nasty nicknames, called "Albertina" which is an aunt of my grandmother that it was the same with her, but only in a different way, is this was my first festival, Legal, with enough feasting, and all ended well.


  30. -Jéssica Dias 3° D

    The best party I went to school party was no longer say the party was because I spent all day on the street and there I dance because I just heard BENNE SHOW and after there has been for 15 years of my best material, when I got there she wept and all because I arrived with a bouquet of roses was very cool, alright I got there had the waltz step she had already changed their dress and everything, but had time to get the congratulations and had plenty of food booze, although not called that too much to drink, eat more than anything is that even met some of her friends there were some even more cool that only God had other HAHA, the decor was perfect was so beautiful and the party was at my cousin stayed there until the party is over because I was late that should stay with her in the most special day for her, the music played there that I did the CD then played a little bit of everything was even and EVERYTHING party ended about 3 am and I I could not sleep because the next day I had DNJ (national day of the young) who was to catch the bus at 5 o'clock in the morning I preferred not to sleep when I got there it was perfect.

    It's that was my favorite party or my party. HAHA '

    -Jéssica Dias 3° D *---*

  31. Oiee,
    professoroa linda
    te achei rapidinho..
    me seguei ai ta..
    um beijão de sua aluna Eneildes rsrs..
    Boa noite!!