segunda-feira, 7 de junho de 2010

Talking about relationships...
1. Are you a romantic person? Why or why not?
2. Do you believe that there is one right person just for you somewhere in the world?
3. In your opinion, why are some people luckier in love than others?

“Love can keep you healthy

Love someone and express that love, and you’ll have a stronger immune system.
Research shows that acting affectionately – love in general—can improve the effectiveness of your immune system.
Your body produces a compound called phenytethylamines when you’re falling in love. This compound is similar to an amphetamine – a stimulant to your nervous system. This substance feeds your immune system, helping it work more efficiently and effectively.
Of course, the opposite is also true. In the bodies of couples who do not act affectionate and loving with one another, there are decreased levels of antibodies and T-cells that keep invading viruses away.
Conclusion: Find someone to love and care for. If you can’t find a person to love, try a pet. What is important is the act of loving, not what the object of your love is. And if you can’t find a human or a pet, try a plant. Research indicates that even the act of taking care of a garden is good for you.”
Do you agree? Why? Talk to your friends about that…??!?

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  1. Profª não sei se vale ainda postar algum comentário, se valer beleza!!!--- vai aparecer filarmonica por causa do blog que eu fiz---

    1: Eu acredito que sim pq, muitas vezes o carinho e a atenção que dou muitas vezes, não é valorizada.

    2: Apesar das decepções acredito que sim, que exista alguém que possa me amar de verdade.

    3: Não acredito que outras pessoas tem mais sorte no amor, do que outras mas sim elas sabem esperar o tempo certo.

    Paulo Henrique Couto---3º ano D

  2. larissa-3°d

    1:More or less a litter.
    3:Therd's ne reason.

  3. Vanessa Tavares 3°c
    2-yes, I believe there is somewhere in the world a person specially reserved for me, that this will teach me to live better and show me that love is hard to leave the pride aside and apologize, to forgive is to know and respect that person Dad of the sky with so much care put into your life.
    Pray that God's will prevail over ours, because only he really knows what we need and that he may be making us obedient wives and preparing us for times of trouble.

  4. Vanessa Tavares 3C

    1-yes, I consider myself very romantic, although I am not able to show due to my timiez.Talvez over time I become less inhibited and a girl can express to others that my romantic side.

  5. I believe that love is not chance but fate, once it's up to each of us appreciate the opportunities that arise in our lives and surely we will be very happy.

  6. 1. Yes
    2. Yes, I believe that for every one of us is a guarded person, the one that we expect and that makes us happy.
    3. Because some do not know the real beauty of another, letting it pass unnoticed.

    Paula Caroline 3°C

  7. Janine Cunha 3ºD

    1º Yes, I am a romantic person because I'm loving.
    2ºYes,believe there is one person to complete the other somehow.
    3ºSome people are lucky in love because they are more patient than others.

  8. Adrielli santana 2º A
    1- yes, i'm very romantic
    2-yes I believe
    3-if anyone has found a right person is not for lack of luck, but because it is not yet the right time

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  10. Hellen Daiane3ºD

    1. Yes, surely!
    2. Yes, I think it might be difficult to find, but yes there is!
    3. I think maybe they are more cautious in the search for love.

  11. Yes, I am an extremely romantic person despite race days like the day to always have that little time aside for my baby go have fun doing programinhas two love going to the beach and yes I believe there is a little person for every human being in the world but it takes arrives just believe and of course not be seated after waiting boyfriend does not fall from heaven, I think the luck in love is relative as he was talking about ... go out and talk if diverdir never hurt anyone and of course those who interact more easily also has the same easy to relate to someone.

  12. Sérgio Leonardo 3°B
    1: More or less, could be more.
    2: Yes.
    3: Why seek more love.

    1: Mais ou menos, poderia ser mais.
    2: Sim.
    3: Porque buscam mais o amor.

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  14. 1. Yes, treat people well because I know that I love.
    2. Yes
    3. This is a thing of destiny.

    Diogo 3ºB ;)

  15. 1 - NO, 'cause i don't like of things romantics :/
    2 - maybe
    3 - because every person have a different destiny than others :D

    Laiane dos Santos 3ºB

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  17. What would I do if were president of the Brazil?

    Prioritized education first, because it is the key to the sucess of the nation, did his best to raise the minimun wage, because I know how hard life is and money is essential. But my biggest goal was to transform our society fragile in a country right and just, because is our falt and leaves too much to be desired . . .

    Iury do Carmo 3º B

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  19. If I were president of Brazil, I would change several times because some laws are not enforced. Would eliminate some programs that lead to benefiting society to raise its birth rate. And finally, invest in education, health and safety for the improvement of our homeland.

    Tássio F. Santos 3°B

  20. If I were president
    First: Gather all the mayors and talk
    about what the city is in need.
    Then seek to resolve problems as
    violence, employment, security and housing.
    Third: It would increase the means of transport, place
    more teachers in schools and students.
    Give jobs to all who need it.

    Diogo 3ºB

  21. Ana carolina cardoso 3ºB
    If I were president, I would send away with all the slums and build public housing
    * Try to stop the corruption? In the best way possible
    * Reduce the workload
    * And much more.

  22. Jéssica Dias 3° D
    1. Are you a romantic person? Why or why not?
    yes I AM a person has not shown much more romantic. because I believe a person who lives without love is not nothing, even love of a friend more are being a romantic person.

    2-Do you believe that there is one right person just for you somewhere in the world?
    yes I believe.

    3- In your opinion, why are some people luckier in love than others?
    because there are people who wait to love and expect others not.

    4-What would I do if were president of the Brazil?
    I would invest in education, health, make it possible to stop the violence, would try to stamp out corruption, would provide more opportunities for young people working and more jobs for people and others.

  23. f I were elected president, my first reaction was to improve safety, then it would take an attitude toward health, try a universal value for the family purse project, and the main point would be education, increase teacher salaries, build and renovate schools.


    Se eu fosse eleita presidente, minha primeira atitude era melhorar a segurança, em seguida tomaria uma atitude em relação a saúde, tentaria universalizar um valor para o projeto bolsa familia, e o ponto principal seria a educação, aumentaria salário de professores, construiria e reformaria escolas.