sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009

Hello, Folks!!!
What about improving our English together?
Tell me things that you think would be great to be shared here.
Let's start !

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  1. Hi Marizete and students,

    Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you on this very nice blog. This is an interesting way to develop your language skills and your sense of citizenship. I'd like to share the blog a friend, teacher Luciana,who works in a similiar in Centro Pedagógico, which is a school in Belo Horizonte.
    Check it out:

    Well that's it for now!


    Rodrigo (teacher at UESC)

  2. Hello Marizete,

    Sure you know how hppy I am to see you and your students involved in such an exciting experience. I hope to see this blog flourish with ideas, debate, contributions, exchange and language learning. Be sure to have my partnership in whatever help you need. I'll be around, just let me know if my aid is necessary.

    Congratulations on your initiative!

    OOO hugs and XXX kisses

    Zelina Beato (UESC)

  3. Caixão (Coffin)... KKKKKK

    eu traduzir a pergunta pra o português e ficou mais fácil


    put more other question...

  4. Hi teacher okay?
    The saying is equivalent in Portuguese: "For a half word wise is enough."
    Evelim Hanna 2°A

    Oi professora tudo bem?
    O provérbio equivalente em português é: "Para um bom entendedor meia palavra basta".
    Evelim Hanna 2° A

  5. oi professora!
    Minha dica de saúde é: tomar bastante água, ter uma alimentação balanceada a base de frutas(comer no mínimo 3 por dia) e verduras, praticar qualquer atividade física, não esquecer de lavar as mãos antes de qualquer refeição e sorrir sempre que possível.

    Vanessa Tavares 3° C

  6. *Dicas de saúde
    Health Tips

    *Practice exercises
    *sleep early

    Explicação do provérbio em relação a vida do estudante

    When the student takes low score always puts the blame on the teacher

    Graziela Virginia 2* ano A

  7. Health tips.
    1-Take sun of eight and ten in the morning of sixteen onwards and always with sunscreen and avoid abusing the exposure the sun.
    2-Practice physical activity, especially walking.
    Raiane Santos 2ºA

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  9. Proverb

    Second time we live that adage said: students who do not study and not pay attention in class, junk all the time and place when they take the bad grade teacher in responsibility say he esin well.
    Raiane Santos 2º A

  10. Hi teacher.
    Health Tips : drink much water , always pass sun block ,practice exercises physical and have a good feeding .
    erica carvalho 2°B

  11. Hello teacher!!
    My tip of health: physical exercise, to eat healthily and sleep well.

    Brennda Rodrigues 2º A CPM

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  14. would improve educaçao of our parents and gave an increase in the salario minimum for 1000$ and end with the external debt.

  15. Michele Obama

    Michele Robison Lavaughh Obama is the first lady estaduniense, being the first african descent to hold the position.
    And the reason that I chose was the fact that she is smart because he graduated from the University Pricenton and Harvard Law School. Besides being elegant, simple and worry about one of the problems of the United States: Obssessive children and teenagers.
    However, the moral lesson it back to my life, is that no matter the obstacles and prejudices, if we get willpower ,reach high places.
    Raiane Cardoso 3ºA