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The story of Halloween started in ancient times when the Celts lived in Britain and Ireland.
Nowadays, on October 31, British and American children wear masks and dress as ghosts, witches and other characters. During the day, they go to school; in the evening they go to their neighbor's houses. When their neighbors open the door, children shout "Trick or Treat". They usually get candies, cookies and and fruit as treat.
In large cities, adults also wear masks and costumes at Halloween parties at night.
Orange and black are the traditional colors of Halloween.
The most typical symbol is the jack-o'-lantern -a hallowed pumpkin with a carved face and a candle inside.

Have you ever gone to a halloween party? how was it?

In your opinion, what is the most interesting thing about Halloween?

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  4. Hi teacher, I am
    Sergio Leonardo 2ºB
    Well, I never went to a Halloween party more I always wanted to go, it's feast is celebrated in the U.S., I always had wanted to say "Trick or Treat" or "Doce ou Travessura"
    And the most fun are the fantasies one more weird than the other.
    Oi professora, sou eu
    Sérgio Leonardo 2ºB
    Bom, eu nunca fui a uma festa de Halloween mais sempre tive vontade de ir, está festa é mais comemorada no EUA, eu sempre tive vontade de dizer "Trick or Treat" ou "Doce ou Travessura".
    E o mais divertido são as fantasias uma mais esquisita que a outra.

  5. Hi teacher, how are you??
    Your blog is perfect...
    Apesar de não ser uma cultura do nosso país, eu realmente gosto do halloween, inclusive já promovi uma festa na minha rua para comemorar este dia.
    Foi um halloween bem brasileiro, mas muito divertido. Apesar de não ter a abóbora decorada, todos estavam de preto com maquiagens bem hilárias, colocamos músicas referente ao tema(bruxas, escuridão, medo etc.) e até fizemos coreografia!
    Sem falar na decoração preta e roxa(não laranja como nos EUA) e nos comes e bebes. Até pipoca preta tinha! Foi o melhor halloween que tive!
    Isso até me inspirou a festejar outra vez!
    O que mais chama minha antenção nessa data é a forma como as pessoas se divertem e vão à casas de outras sem medo de ser feliz!
    Mostra que apesar dos pezares ainda existem pessoas que buscam a felicidade nos pequenos gestos.

    Evelim Hanna 2º A - Matutino

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  7. Translate:

    Hi teacher, how are you??
    Your blog is perfect...
    Although not a culture of our country, I really like Halloween, including already promoted a party in my street to celebrate this day.
    Halloween was a very Brazilian, but very fun. Despite not having a pumpkin decorated, all were black with makeup and hilarious, put music on the theme (witches, darkness, fear, etc..) And even did choreography!
    Not to mention the black and purple decor (not orange as in the U.S.) and food and drink. Even popcorn was black! Halloween was the best I had!
    It even inspired me to celebrate again!
    What most caught my attention this time is how people have fun and go to the homes of others without fear of being happy!
    It shows that despite pezares there are still people who seek happiness in small gestures.

  8. Never attended a Halloween party, but the interesting aspect of this celebration is to see unity among neighbors, in addition to passing the culture over the generations as children enjoy themselves in a more "healthy" trading computers and video games for a night fantasy.

  9. Hi, unfortunately never attended a Halloween party, even by the fact that it is not very popular here. Halloween, despite being a party "dark", shows the symbology and the link with all the spirits, whether good or bad, beyond what it provides greater interactivity and community among those who participate, even for the simple fact that children spend the entire period of the festival on doors asking for sweets or committing mischief would be doing this .. rsrsrsrs
    Researching curiosities, customs and meanings found objects used at the party, even if some hitherto unknown to me. I hope you enjoy! :)

    Some symbolic meanings:
    Pumpkin: symbolizes fertility and wisdom
    Sailing: indicates the paths to the spirits of another astral plane.
    The cauldron: it was part of the culture - as tradition dictates. Inside, guests should throw coins and messages written with requests to the spirits.
    The broom, symbolizing the feminine power that can make cleaning the negative electricity. Mistakenly thinks that she served for transportation of witches.
    Currencies: must be collected at the end of the party to be donated to the needy.
    Tickets with applications: must be incinerated so that requests are met quickly, because they raise through the smoke.
    The spider, and symbolizes the fate wire that weave their webs, the means, the support to move forward.
    The bat: symbolized clairvoyance, because they see beyond the forms and appearances, without eye viewing needs. Capture the magnetic fields by virtue of its own energy and sensitivity.
    The frog, is linked to the symbolism of the power of feminine wisdom, lunar symbol and attribute of the dead women and magic.
    Black Cat: a symbol of the capacity of meditative and spiritual recollection, self-confidence, independence and freedom. Harmony with the universe.

    Paulo Dantas - 3 ° C (CPM)