sábado, 17 de setembro de 2011

Who says you can't go on?

You can't go on! Have you ever heard this? Who's ever said that for you? Why? Did you say anything to him/her? Let us know...

12 comentários:

  1. Yes I have heard these words, and they discouraged me. But I found refuge in GOD, then I can say I can do all things through Christ Which strengtheneth me. I feel I am protected against everything and everyone who wish me evil.
    At the moment I feel anger, but nothing I let trasparecer, soon passes.

    Anne Salém 3ºB

  2. Yes! I pass my limits.

    Dânfne Brito 3ºB

  3. Fear? Limits? to me are just illusions. I'll definitely continue.

    Johnatas Silva 3°A

  4. I've heard that a lot. And really what matters is where we want to go and not where others will want.

    Adrielli Santana 3°A

  5. All of us have experienced these moments. I always follow what my heart really calls for it and overcome any obstacle.

    Wilson Mendes 3°A

  6. The worst thing is to make a person feel stupid because we are all capable. Just take willpower.

    Islane Tavares 3ºA

  7. We all face obstacles in life. But it's just calm the heart and let time run ... There is no better medicine! So I follow my heart and let moments happen, remembering that I have a mature couple face reality and take my responsibility!
    Paloma C. Santos - 3º A

  8. occur if one day move forward with strength, courage and above all with heart.
    because this is what are the obstacles to be faced!
    if not life would be so much emotion!
    Alexandra Cirlo 3ºA

  9. We go through many experiences that we do not like, we do not expect many answers that we hear people say that we will never reach the place we want to try to put baixo.mas, nothing better than our willpower to overcome the problems.
    Raquel Adriane 3°A

  10. Hearing this has become common. Sometimes even accepted, but in fact there is always something in me to fight for everything and goes after what he wants. Not to mention that God still gives me hope every morning. Regardless of anything in the end I can always run late.

  11. can happen but we have overcome every obstacle that life in desafia.Seguindo ahead so we can achieve our goals.
    Leonardo Brito 3ºA

  12. I think everyone has heard that phrase ever ... But it depends on us if we leave discouraged by these simple words or follow on with more eager

    Brennda S. Rodrigues 3° A